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Its definition changes depending on who you talk to. ‘nice’, in the best of the cases. As part of your therapy you will be given homework exercises to complete in the privacy of your home. One second you’re kissing, the next second you’ve got penetration. This belief is, however, only true to the extent that penetration is possible and to the extent that both man and woman enjoy the penetration. The causes of vaginismus can be physical (infections, abnormalities with the hymen, vaginal atrophy, endometriosis, increased tone of pelvic floor muscles, vaginal lesions, vestibular pain) or psychological (fear of pregnancy, anxiety about sexual anatomy, fear of pain or bleeding, misunderstanding of the sex act, etc.

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Some women with vaginismus can achieve partial penetration up to this muscle and no further. In an ideal sex session, a woman has at least a few orgasms. In these cases, vaginismus is not a conscious decision but is a consequence of a desire to protect their bodies and themselves.