Three women spank boy bare

Spanking “crosses the line” only when the discipline would be considered unreasonable. Her face was flushed in the heat of the packed pub. In general, it is perfectly legal to spank a child on the bottom with your hand. It was her third that week and even though she was worn out physically, inside she was flying as. When miss spencer was satisfied that she had driven the lesson home, the sobbing sixth-former was ordered to pull up his trousers and pants then dismissed with a promise of further punishment if she received any more complaints about his attitude. She pulled his trousers up tight over his backside and administered a long hard slippering.

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Jones had disciplined her son in the past and the family spanks their children at home. So once again luke was humiliated by aunt violet baring his bottom before putting him back across her knee. He was insolent, disrespectful, foul-mouthed and took no pride whatsoever in wearing his uniform.