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The History Buffs Podcast is a collaborative history podcast created by historians who live in the beautiful, formerly glorious and recently reinvigorated, Buffalo, NY – hence, the History Buffs. We love digging into interesting histories. We’re exploring topics from the ancient to the modern world, from all over the globe, from environmental to gender to political history, and everything in between. We tell these stories because it’s important to know what happened, but we always delve deeper, to talk about why it happened, and what it all means, because history matters. 

aearlsAverill Earls, Executive Producer

Averill is an Assistant Professor of History at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA. In addition to a PhD in History from the University at Buffalo, she holds an MA in History and a BA in Political Science from the University of Vermont. Her research examines the policing of same-sex desire in post-colonial Ireland. When she’s not teaching, podcasting, or moonlighting as a member of the Cabot Creamery Co-operative social media team, she enjoys board games, baking, and adventures with her partner Dan and their puppy, Madame Curie.
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Episodes: NAFTA;  Communists and Uteruses; Science, Reform and Anti-VivisectionFascism and UterusesHow America Got Its BasesFamily Limitation in the Pre-Modern World; Unwanted ImmigrantsVegetarianism; Thanksgiving Part II; Remember the 5th of NovemberJazz Cleopatra; Insanity on Trial; Black Soldiers in the American Civil War; Latter-Day Saints in the Pacific; The Travels of Cabeza de VacaGreat Awakening 3NY v UplingerGame of Thrones 3Game of Thrones 2Game of Thrones 1Roger CasementGay & IrishMonster of the Enlightenment; Alms Houses & Poor Relief; Thanksgiving & Feasting; Founding of APO; Veterans Day & Federal Benefits

SHCSarah Handley-Cousins, Producer

Sarah is currently working on her first book manuscript, based on her dissertation, which is about disabled Union veterans during and after the American Civil War. In addition to a PhD in History from the University at Buffalo, Sarah holds a BA from Wells College and an MSEd from Niagara University, and is an alumni of the New York State Council for the Humanities Public Humanities Fellows.
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Episodes: Tuberculean ChicJane Roe & the Pill;  Science, Reform and Anti-VivisectionAbortion before Roe v Wade; Early American Family LimitationUnwanted ImmigrantsVaccinations and Anti-Vax Movements;  Vegetarianism; Thanksgiving Part IIWomen, War and BananasJazz Cleopatra; Insanity on Trial; Black Soldiers in the American Civil War;  The Travels of Cabeza de Vaca; Great Awakening 3; Great Awakening 2; Great Awakening 1NY v UplingerRural CemeteriesPassingCivil War “Contraband”; Monster of the Enlightenment; Alms Houses & Poor Relief; Snow & the City; Thanksgiving & Feasting; Veterans Dan & Federal Benefits


Marissa C. Rhodes, Producermarissa-new

Marissa is a PhD candidate in History at UB. Her dissertation, “Body Work: Wet-Nurses and Economics of the Breast in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia and London,” focuses on wet-nursing in 18th-century London and Philadelphia. In addition to a BA in History from Niagara University, Marissa has a Master’s of Library Science from UB. She is also a wife and mother of two, and she is addicted to history and true crime podcasts.
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Episodes: Tuberculean ChicCommunists and UterusesFascism and Uteruses; Family Limitation in the Pre-Modern World; Unwanted Immigrants; Vaccinations and Anti-Vax MovementsJazz Cleopatra; Insanity on TrialGreat Awakening 1PassingHow Russia and Britain Made AfghanistanButter LambGay & IrishMonster of the Enlightenment; Alms Houses & Poor Relief; Turning the Page with Jon Dewald; Charlemagne’s Christmas Coronation; Veterans Day & Federal Benefits

Elizabeth Garner Masarik, Produceregm

Elizabeth is pursuing her Ph.D in History at UB. She studies American history with a focus on women and gender, particularly during the Progressive Era. Her research focuses on the formation of the welfare state. Elizabeth holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA from the University at Buffalo.
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Episodes: NAFTABraceros; Treaty of Hidalgo; Jane Roe & the PillAbortion before Roe v Wade; Early American Family Limitation; Frederick Law OlmstedCash in a BagRural CemeteriesCivil War “Contraband”; McKinley, Roosevelt, & the Pan-Am Expo; Man on the Street Interviews after Pearl Harbor; Burning of Buffalo

Katie Smyser, Producerkatie

Katie is a PhD student at the University at Buffalo. Her dissertation will consider the role of British naturalists as agents of cultural exchange in Asia and Africa during the early twentieth century. She’s particularly interested in world history and the role of the environment as a historical force. She holds a BA in History and Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame and an MA in History from Ohio University. The only thing Katie loves more than a good podcast is listening to radio broadcasts of baseball games with her husband and young daughter.
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Episodes: How America Got Its BasesVaccinations and Anti-Vax Movements;  Cash in a BagWomen, War and BananasLatter-Day Saints in the PacificGreat Awakening 2; Great Awakening 1;  Global 19th-C RevolutionsPassing; How Russia and Britain Made AfghanistanTainted Love; Charlemagne’s Christmas Coronation; Man on the Street Interviews after Pearl Harbor


Dan Wallace, ProducerSlack for iOS Upload

Dan holds an MA and a BA in History from UB, and is a PhD student at the University of Southern California. His MA thesis examined the fantasy of redemption held by and about the “Galvanized Yankees,” Confederate soldiers who went west in service of the Union during and after the Civil War. Now he drifts by the world on California time, but he has also worked as an historical interpreter at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site, and in another life toured with a rock and roll band.
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Episodes:Braceros; Treaty of Hidalgo; How America Got Its BasesRemember the 5th of NovemberGlobal 19th-C RevolutionsThe Bank WarGame of Thrones 3Game of Thrones 2Roger CasementButter LambCivil War “Contraband”; McKinley, Roosevelt, and the Pan-Am Expo; Snow and the City; Man on the Street Interviews after Pearl Harbor