Succumb to an incubus erotica

An incubus (sex demon) visits a country club community full of “desperate housewives”, one of which vickie has been investigating on behalf of a client for infidelity. Ulfr, a pure werewolf, is attracted to the human adriana. She had never been kissed before, that much was obvious in the way her lips stay pressed firmly closed. Vicki tries to clear a client of charges he murdered his wife, but with the jousting between henry and mike, and a disturbing dream, it looks like the case may be a little more complicated than she thought.

User contributions:

As his lips and tongue continued to tease her nipple his right hand slid down her body, passing down over her hip, trailing over the long flowing skirt that covered her lower half until it rested gently at the top of her thigh. Even pious nuns appeared before the tribunals, attesting to their affliction by persistent incubi that tried to persuade them to break their vows of chastity. Britney revealed; the proud challenges the throne.