Sperm test vitality

The staining of a seminal smear (papanicolaou giemsa, shorr, and diff-quik) allows the quantitative evaluation of normal and abnormal sperm morphological forms in an ejaculate. Tiny rod like structures which contain genetic information called dna) are housed. Total motility refers to any movement, while progressive motility refers to forward movement in either a line or in a large circle. It is important that none of the semen sample is lost. He will be instructed to check the identifying information to ensure it is his, then to ejaculate into the container and ensure all the ejaculate, and particularly the first portion, is captured. To get an accurate picture of fertility, the percentage of viable sperm is normally looked at alongside the percentage of motile sperm and the total sperm count.

When do you expect results?

Then, how many of these 100 are stained as well as how many have repeled the staining. The production of low quality sperm also reduces the chance of fertilisation. ] however, there is evidence to suggest that sperm dna damage is associated with poor pregnancy outcome after standard ivf.