Sperm penetration assay

Department of obstetrics and gynecology, rh-20, university of washington, seattle, washington 98195. And then withdrawing when you ejaculate, because vaginal fluid may be mixed with the sperm. Significantly elevated ivf polyspermy rates were observed in patients with normal spa scores. Approximately 18-hours post-insemination, the oocytes were evaluated for fertilization by visualization of pronuclei. For men, it is important that you do not release your sperm (ejaculate) for 2 days before the test. Progress in obstetrics and gynecology. The correlation between spa score and polyspermy was conducted using spearman’s correlation coefficient.


It is based upon the ability of in vitro capacitated human spermatozoa to penetrate zona-free hamster eggs in vitro. ] confirmed the heterogeneity among studies and overall low predictive power of spa on ivf outcome with increased false-positives and, therefore, reduced specificity.