Spank pantyhose tights

Then i told her that i would love to dress often and make love to her like last night. I have told her how much i love dressing as a girl and when we get home i will leave my makeup and all on and fall asleap this way. Now i have got to wearing panties full time and to my surprise she even got me some. Before this particular encounter, i have been with numerous pros and the idea of me wearing pantyhose never came up. Just like right now i am wearing pink ruffled panties, fishnit panty hose, white piticoat, 3in white pumps, pink corset, pink bra, pink sissy maids dress with matching apron, blond wig, 4in clip ear rings with matching neckless, girls watch, girls wedding ring set, a braclet on my right ankle wnd wrist and full makeup with my nails painted the same color as my lipstick. Leg hairs and hosiery do not fit well together but the legs feel better, much better due to contenitive hosiery.

Oncore collection

I have used the nylons to feel sensual, sexy and silky to the touch, in replace of a woman not being in my life. Myself i have found real love in my new husband or girl friend what ever you call her.