Shiny bra fetish

It started with me protesting girls wearing male cloths to where me dressing totaly as a girl. All my shorts and pants are girls and some of my tops are also girls and my wife knows that they are girls. That was the right thing to do, better a scene then than another spoiled uncomfy life for after. I have shared this with my best girl friends and they’ve been very open and supportive, so i think it’s not that hard to find a couple who accepts my crossdressing, as long as there is love, honesty and understanding. When i am all dressed up i do all the house work and wait on my wife hand and foot for letting me dress in my feminine things. If my wife says anything i will tell her that i would love to be her maid and do all the house work while i am fully dressed as a maid and that i would be willing to do it every day. I’m at the end of my rope here, i can feel this thing banging on the inside of my head.

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