Sex crazed wives

Every wife has her secret to getting her own way with her husband. I am not sex-starved, but michelle, why do you feel i am always having to ask my wife of twenty years for us to have sex? she is often complimentary, and says she enjoys it. I wish us all the best intimate lives w/ our partners. My husband is those whom wants it everyday. But as accounts of a blissfully married couple gained wider currency, several friends and neighbours came forward to cast doubt. Women are always worried that if they are really nice to him, he will just take it in and not do anything.

Discussing sexual needs

If you could just knock that shit off, we’d all get along better. He won’t get viagra or even discuss this subject. ——- do you honestly believe that the only difference between friends and lovers is sex? ever heard of love? (aka being in love and sex is not love).