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Loneliness is a complex problem of epidemic proportions, affecting millions from all walks of life. On the flip side it also indicates a guy who likes to take control as missionary puts you in the driving seat and being face-to-face with your partner means you like intimacy. The sexual positions blog presents my perspective on issues of sexuality, particularly with respect to recent scientific work on human sexuality and its implications. Put your hands on the floor and let your partner stand behind you and lift up your legs. Sheryl sandberg would be proud. But we’re thinking there’s more to your favorite move than just what feels best.

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I love my girlfriend, but not sure if i want to marry her. Some superwomen and mompreneurs do secretly long for days gone by, nostalgic for simpler times when she could have fun, spontaneous sex and indulgent pleasure of passion. By providing the information below you will receive early-bird invitations to our events, exclusive musings tailored to your interests, and access to our curated mentorship program.