Peeing on bride

Aspiring groom sharif found this out the hard way, when he dropped his engagement ring into a pond during his big proposal. Use the toilet backwards. Yes, that is exact opposite of everything you ever thought you knew, but this way the back and train of your gown will be away from the toilet. They look convenient for situations like this, or gross bathrooms. One of my biggest wants when going into dress shopping was to get a dress that didn’t require assistance to pee in. Follow us on social media. In fact, the only reason why we shot these in a bathroom was because i felt it was the simplest way to truly test the maneuverability, so.

Barking mad

Trick to wearing garter belts and still being able to, ahem, get at your intimate bits for whatever purposes: garter/stockings first, than panties! looks nicest with a thong or g-string. Didn’t shake or wipe.