Nietzche on interracial marriage

And i think an audio tape would make my eyes glaze over as my brain struggled to keep up with what my ears heard. In this context you see the madness of the value, and that it really isn’t a value at all. The contract was inverted. The primary first principle of the origin of good vs. Finally, arguments based on claims about the essential nature of marriage–like those by john finnis and robert george–are, it is fair to say, generally recognized as reductios: the arguments are so tortured and so wrought with bizarre premises as to lead one agnostic on the subject to be highly suspicious.

Sexual prejudice

Of society) will in this way establish itself over the succession of generations. The species senses the need for itself as a species, as something which, particularly thanks to its hardness, uniformity, simplicity of form, can generally succeed and enable itself to keep going in the constant struggles with neighbours or with the rebellious oppressed people or with those who threaten rebellion.