Natural home remedy for anal fissures

I also found that magnesium assists in softer bowel movements as well. So, my question now is – is there a natural way to release the internal sphincter spasm for good? clearly creating ways to manage and decrease emotional stress are key to prevention, but it’s been 2 years and that muscle is locked in a spasm pattern, even when i have little stress. I am so grateful to have this fixed. These are very thin suppositories (so easy to insert in a sore anus) – because of the thin size (1/4″ diameter) we have to have them handmade by a compound pharmacy – and they contain fantastic wound healers like comfrey root, slippery elm, marshmallow root and cocoa butter. I eliminated red meat and deep fried foods.


Worse and keep the fissure open and painful. Aloe vera and anal fissure treatment is not a joke. My situation was an anal fissure that kept reopening on every bowel movement.