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While others seem to be over in a new york minute (i. There are many reasons why a man may ejaculate before he is ready to or wanting to. Drunk sex can impede orgasm on several other levels as well: it can impair judgment and concentration, two issues that can be important when choosing who you are having sex with and how you are having sex with them. Chances are, if you’re pleasuring yourself, he’ll suddenly wake up and feel inspired again. Now go to town. During cold and flu season, this is especially important. This is unfortunate for women, because we’re often willing and able to go again almost immediately.

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Mark leyner and billy goldberg, m. Remember to keep it hygienic, though: wash your hands afterwards, before touching your genitals or his. Bathe his feet in warm water mixed with a splash of lemon juice, which helps soften his skin, then scrub, clip, exfoliate and moisturise them.