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He would stroke it harder or faster, but his grip on my balls was also increasing as he was now squeezing them harder and for longer periods of time! the intensity of the deep dull ache flooded my senses as my involuntary actions were making me jerk hard against the thick leather cuffs securing me spread-eagled to the bed! my hips and pelvis were the only part of me that could move, even though only an inch or two at the most due to the wide leather belt securing my mid-section and my collar tightly bound to the headboard of the bed! sir loved when i jerked hard like that, he would taunt me saying that my cock and balls were just begging him for more, harder torments like that! and, the wide butt plug sir usually stuffs into my hole during these tease and denial sessions gets worked deeper into my musty hole every time sir causes my hips to jerk violently up in the air! sir was getting especially brutal on my balls now and my loud moans filled the room as he just tightened his hand and his squeeze not showing me any mercy but feeding off my body’s agony and fueling his desires for more intense play! then when i thought i could endure no more, his grip suddenly released my punished balls and my body dropped in a moment of recoil, my breathing heavy and panting through my penis gag! sir would just leave me unfulfilled and tormented following each drawn out tease, the deep dull ball ache in the pit of my stomach was my punishment he would tell me for getting so close to cumming when he hadn’t allowed me to have an orgasm just yet! my orgasms with sir were only allowed as a reward for exceptional performance and obedience to him, and he said that i was hardly obedient tonight because i had to be punished earlier for my infraction! so, once again i was left frustrated and writhing in a moment of punishment afterglow as sir let me cool down a bit from the countless tease and denial torments tonight! i lay there, bound, unfulfilled, my swollen balls aching as a reminder of sir’s sadistic touch, and wondering if sir was finished with my teasing or was there to be yet another round of denial and torment in store for me. And he was happy to help sean cody usher robert through his first guy-on-guy ass fucking. As i stand facing my tormentor, he takes the ball gag and shoves it into my mouth again, buckling the straps to my head. I’ll feed you since your still tied, i guess,” he said with an evil grin. Then all the terrible pain returns. I had served sir well tonight, greeting him at the door when he came home from work, my open mouth ring gagged and awaiting his hard cock! my hairless naked body in my submissive prone position, ass raised obscenely for his pleasures with my puckered hole, which succumbed to sir’s hard cock during a intense ass pounding which took the edge off his stressful workday! sir then pulled his still glistening cum covered cock from my well raped hole and he held my head as his force fed me his dirty cock to clean off! i had dutifully prepared dinner and after a nice quiet meal together, sir used my mouth once more for a longer more sensual orgasm that dumped a load of cum down my throat. And, by rolling an even number, you would receive a nice long cum following a drawn out tease and denial session, but a roll of an odd number would mean you would be bound and given a two minute time frame to reach an orgasm while i distracted you with pain.

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