World History

These World History activities, worksheets, and lesson plans to coordinate with Common Core standards, AP objectives, and New York state Regents exam material for the old and new standards.

Example Lesson-Skill Drills: Learning to Read History

This lesson on interpreting political cartoon goes along with our mini-cast on Britain, Russia, and Afghanistan’s borders and is available as a free download for a limited time on Katie’s Teachers Pay Teachers page. It is short and flexible-use it over two days or one, your choice!

Look for more Skill Drills coming soon. Examples include:

  • Evaluating Bias
  • Assessing Tone
  • Identifying Point of View
  • Understanding the Meaning of Place

Also look for episode thought maps, primary source worksheets, and timeline exercises to coordinate with our podcasts. It’s a practical and fun way to bring new media into the classroom!