External view of a vagina

This concept emphasizes the importance of voluntary skeletal muscle in the mechanism of continence. In this section, you will learn how to identify and describe the internal female reproductive organs involved in these processes. Its function is sexual excitation and it is very sensitive to touch. Vaginas vary in shape, size and colour,” says dr elneil.

Special reports

The supravaginal septum may be incised immediately after opening the vagina, and the dissection may be carried superiorly between the connective tissue capsules of the uterus and bladder (the so-called vesicocervical space) until the anterior peritoneal plication is reached. When you are studying the female reproductive system, you have to bear in mind that structurally it is divided into two broad categories. And just because the distribution and the amount of tissue in females is a little bit different than in males, that doesn’t mean it works any differently.