Enhance orgasm marijuana

Marijuana is referred to by many names, some of which include cannabis, weed, pot, dope, ganja, dank, and herb. It actually created deeper, more satisfying, multiple orgasms for me. However, the researchers refrain from making the conclusion that the reduction in sperm count is solely due to the use of marijuana. Okay, so now that you’ve gotten a sense of what foria is and the extremely giddy reaction of women to this product, i’m sure you can see why i went out and bought some for my own personal vagina. As pot slowly becomes recreationally legal across the u. National institute on drug abuse (nida). You know what is more clutch than an orgasm? a really, really intense, earth shattering, life-altering orgasm.


The use of marijuana and its effects on the mind, body, sex, relationships, and health are unique to every individual. For use only by adults twenty-one and older.