Ebay girl sell virginity

Should remain legal (73 per cent). – sisely’s attempt to circumvent prostitution laws. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our. When we heard that the site virgins wanted was auctioning the virginity of two young participants to the highest bidder, the twinge of discomfort felt in the office led us to commission a survey to see what our readers thought about paying for sex and prostitution in general. The postal inspection service, which monitors the internet for some illegal transactions, is “currently unaware of any specific fed prohibition against this activity,” said spokesman al weissman. Who points out that the production company behind the film, thomas williams productions, seems to have little more than experience doing wedding videos.

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And she doesn’t think young girls should auction off her virginity. Both will be paid $20,000 and receive 90 per cent of their sale price. In nsw and victoria, sex work is legal but it is regulated.