Would you like to be a Contributor for the History Buffs Podcast? Submit a script to our team:

Submission Guidelines:

  • Any story from any place or period of history. Seriously. We’ll be all over it.
  • Submissions can be based on original research, or drawn mostly from secondary sources. We occasionally draw on our own research, but for the most part our episodes are like the lectures we give in our classes, and based on secondary and peer-reviewed tertiary sources.
  • Episode copy should be between 6-10 pages, single spaced, and broken into short (3-4 sentence) paragraphs. Avoid tongue twisters and academic jargon.
  • Include a bibliography of all sources consulted.

Once your script is accepted, you will be assigned a Producer to oversee your recording, and the editing and posting of the episode. After (and while) we cover the scripted material of our podcasts, we generally lapse into some kind of off-the-cuff conversation about the topic, and try to keep it generally conversational for our audiences’ entertainment.

Thank you for listening! We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Current Contributors

Tommy Buttaccio 

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Tommy has an MA and a BA in History, as well as an MS in Library and Information Sciences from the University at Buffalo. His research focuses on British Imperialism and food, particularly shifts in political and cultural ideologies of the British in India by looking at the plates of the colonial and the colonized. On the LIS side Tommy studies digitization of materials and digital curation. He enjoys cooking, playing music, and taking long walks on beaches.

Tommy tweets from @500yearsdungon

Episodes: Vegetarianism; Remember the 5th of November; Global 19th-C Revolutions; Game of Thrones 3; Game of Thrones 1; Butter Lamb; Tainted Love; Snow & the City; Turning the Page with Jon Dewald; The Burning of Buffalo; Thanksgiving & Feasting