Awesome boob job

Thanks for writing this. We go shopping in victoria’s secret and there’s literally nothing that will fit her, they’re at a loss. Ivan said: “i received an email from a reader recently who was actually thinking of leaving his wife because he was so frustrated about her being flat chested. That number is up 31 percent from the year 2000; so clearly women are still flocking to surgeons’ offices requesting bigger breasts. Then 450 cc and larger. I really appreciate this post! i too have always had the desire to have bigger boobs. Yet it was not always considered normal, and often stars were criticized for having work done to improve their face or body.

Feeling lucky?

The busty look is completed with a military style hat, a riding crop and a choker necklace. Ivan has spent $20,000 on breast surgery for his partners, including $11,000 on victoria alone – and says it is only right that he foots the bill for the ops.