Asian pubic hair straight

It’s the follicle that determines how straight or how curly one’s hair is (anywhere). Because they normally all have black hair on their heads, too! black is a dominant color gene so any other recessive genes that may be present are not expressed. If you look at p0rn, many japanese and chinese can be heavily forested all the way around back with thick straight hair (which i actually like), down into indonesia, the genome changes to increasingly curly until you get to new guinea where they are just like black africans. Dated a somali girl – super soft, very straight pubes. Try to keep repeat posts to a minimum. Just an extremely wavy and tangled mix of blond and dark brown fur. Now i have straight hairs and i am asian, therefore the guy came to the conclusion that all asians have straight pubic hairs as all the people he slept with were asians.

What girls said

Theirs is often straighter. Pubic hair trends do make one wonder about unspoken human sexual proclivities. Com comment policy, you may flag the comment by mousing over the comment and clicking “flag.