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Other extrinsic factors, such as smoking, excessive alcohol, and poor nutrition, can also contribute to premature skin aging. Central and south american women often have similar anthropometric measurements to caucasian women, while caribbean women measurements are often more similar to african american women. In regards to skin color, they found that subjects from calicut, india, had the darkest skin while those from sendai, japan had the lightest, with correlations of both melanin and erythema indices suggesting that skin color may be a reflection of both the melanin content and hemoglobin level in the skin, both higher in those with darker skin tones. In the united states, many persons of all racial groups prefer the appearance of tanned, uniform skin and have concerns regarding uneven skin tone independent of underlying baseline pigmentation. Aging is a complex process in all human societies reflecting biological, environmental, and genetic influences. Making love two bear boss. The cutaneous effects can be described clinically as features of wrinkles, sunspots, uneven skin color, and sagging skin that are often varied based on ethnic origin.


With chronological aging alone, elderly will exhibit thin skin with fine wrinkles, fat atrophy with soft tissue redistribution, and bone remodeling. It is thought that skin color is due to the balance between hemoglobin and melanin with the redness associated with hemoglobin being concealed by melanin to different extents.