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Anal tears can cause serious illness and even death, not just the spread of stds. I don’t know many hetero men who enjoy having a condom covered zucchini, banana, long neck beer bottle, dildo etc. On the plus side, it rightly points to real risks involved in the practice of anal sex that were not elaborated on in the piece. And accordingly, sex counsellors report that not too long ago the first boys enquired, “how can i persuade my girlfriend to have anal sex?” then, a few years later, came the first girls, “how can i dissuade my boyfriend from anal sex?” now, the girls come and ask the sex counsellors, “what pills can i take to prevent it hurting like hell?” all this in a period of only fifteen years, which began when anal sex was introduced in pornography as a common sex variant, in the mid-90s approximately. * if a prolapsed rectum swells, it may prevent the passage of stools. I’m not sure what “truly academic” is, but my intent in writing this was to initiate thoughtful, open reflection and discussion on this issue, and your comment (as are others on this post)suggests i have been quite successful.

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Until you are certain that your partner has enough titers to fully protect them from hepatitis b, you must practice safe sex and use a condom. And at one point a wave of pleasure exploded in me.