Allow him to penetrate you

Not keeping him in the loop will make this all a lot less pleasurable for both of you. Wrap your legs around his back and link your arms round his neck to enhance the feelings of control and intimacy before enjoying gentle rocking motions. The best? woman on top, says levine. You tell him when you’re ready to accept deeper penetration. You can also change the angle at which he enters you, by pushing your butt in the air or bringing it closer to the bed. This is a great position for deep penetrative sex while not being required to do a whole lot. Plus, you get to lay down and let him do the.

Nicole ray enjoys him until he cums for her

The legs are spread wide, lending more depth, says kerner. We suspect this is also why some straight guys may fear that their female partners want to penetrate them not for mutual pleasure, but as some kind of passive-aggressive payback. This is another position that allows for deep penetration.