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I went to see a doctor a few years back but she said nothing was wrong with me and adviced not to drink water at night. I found that eliminating any beverage after 6 pm eliminate dnight wetting. I’m already in college and i’m always scared of going out with my friends so that i won’t pee on myself. I feel much more centered already in having made the decision to bemore calm and get back to the way i was before – it hasn’t been a steady stream of this behaviour for me or for kalan – we go from laughing till we cry and then i over react to something he does -knowing full well, this is where he should be in his development. It has happened since i was little, i was a premie, 1 pound 9 ounces,i’m 18 and it still happens, just like this morning! its super embarrassing and i have a boyfriend soon to be fiance, we have never slept together yet and i’m scared that when we do its going to happen. For anyone who has struggled for years, i would just like to say.

Bodily functions

I agree with her as a teen i feel like you should just check on her at night. Its even affecting my career ihav finished high school bt still ihavnt joined university coz of tht problem. The first night she will wet the bed and then you need to show her how to wash the sheets by hand so she knows what to do.