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You get a checkpoint right before the jump, so if you miss, just reload your last checkpoint, and keep trying until you get the achievement. The highest existing rank is “legend”, but bungie added 7 additional ranks, which are mythic, noble, eclipse, nova, forerunner, reclaimer, and inheritor. You will cross back over a low stone overpass; continue following the cliffside trail back upriver after the overpass to find the data pad.

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Two falcons will land there. Once you unlock jun’s helmet avatar award, you can use the helmet by going to “customize avatar” and selecting “avatar awards”. After dropping down to the first floor in this area, the data pad will be inside the next room to your left as you enter on top of a shelf behind some boxes on the shelving unit. Cross the bridge that is connecting the two very large buildings. Select “4x over-shields” under the “shield multiplier” option.

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Run up the ramp, and turn left (north). Oni: sword base (legendary difficulty): load the “rally point bravo” checkpoint, then turn around, and go all the way back to the buildings from earlier that you would have had a large enemy battle at. Grade 1 480,000 cr (+30. Hold rt, press start, release rt, then press start again to automatically fast forward your replay until you pause it or press rt.

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Once you are on top of the light stand (you can do a grenade jump), jump onto the structure behind you, and go up the ramp to find the data pad lying on the ground next to another light stand. Jump down to the ground from above, then jump onto the part of the broken bridge pillar. At the part where the pelican is coming inside the ship, your camera will automatically move to the right, and you will see master chief in cryo sleep, inside a cryo tube wearing his mark v armor. By doing this, you will never die, no matter how much damage you take. Winter contingency (any difficulty): after driving across the first bridge, stay right, and you will approach a group of buildings with covenant in them.

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When you reach club errera in the “new alexandria” mission, return to the hospital. You will need the jetpack to get up there; however, it will take several reloads of your jetpack to get there by using some beams to scale the long vertical shaft.

Monumento a tus pecados

Consigue una racha de muertes en matchmaking. The package (any difficulty): the data pad is found right before the elevator cutscene that takes you to the excavation site. New alexandria (legendary difficulty): the data pad is located at the lowest point at which you can fly on the outside ledge of the building that is directly behind where you start on this mission. Do not die or the jetpack will be lost. Enter forge mode, create an armor lock ability, then drop it on player two.

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Find a surface that is slanted slightly; not perfectly vertical, but not horizontal. At the right side of the building, near the top, will be two black vents underneath the overhang. Go to the large center section of the “oni: sword base” level.

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Go to the forge, then go to the forge world map. Net, select “account”, “game settings”, then “nameplates”. The message “hold b to open door” will appear when you are in the correct location.

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