Tainted Love: Love Canal and the Fight for Environmental Rights

Welcome to this year’s issue of Tainted Love, our annual installment of unusual love stories just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Today, we’re headed just up the road from Buffalo to Love Canal, New York, a small suburban development that made big headlines when toxic chemicals started to appear in residents’ yards. After a damning health study was released in the summer of 1978, the residents there became arguably the most influential environmental advocates of the late twentieth century. Join Katie and Tommy as they talk environmental justice from then until now with their guest, Dr. Richard S. Newman. It’s a Valentine’s Day special, History Buffs style!

As mentioned in the podcast, Dr. Newman will be giving a talk at the Buffalo History Museum on Wednesday, March 23 at 7:30 p.m. His talk is entitled “Love Canal: A Toxic History,” and comes from his new book, Love Canal: A Toxic History from Colonial Times to the Present. The book is published by Oxford University press and will be released in April 2016.

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