Charlemagne’s Christmas Coronation: A Very Merry HistoryBuffs Holiday Special

Join Marissa and Katie as they journey back to Rome on Christmas Day in the year 800 for one of the most famous coronations in European history. It’s a Christmas special, HistoryBuffs style!


The life of Charlemagne in stained glass in the cathedral at Chartres. “Chartres – Vie de Charlemagne” |CC BY-SA 3.0 /Wikimedia Commons


Show Notes and Further Reading

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Charlemagne’s throne in the Cathedral at Aachen. |CC BY-SA 3.0 /Wikimedia Commons.

Choir music: Public domain choir recording Unus Ex Discipulis Meis found at the Free Music Archive.

Feature image: Claudius Jaquand, “Lors de l’ exposition Sacres Royaux, de Louis XIII à Charles”  |CC BY-SA 4.0 / Wikimedia Commons.

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